Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 20 - A tiring, great week

This week has been the most tiring so far out of all the weeks. We worked really hard! No matter what the weather we walked and knocked trying to find those who are prepared for the gospel.

I saw the pictures of your date night, Amber showed them to me, it looked beautiful.  The scenery here is unbelievable some nights too. Newport Harbor is in the semifinals!!!.... Wow I thought they were going to be horrible this year.

This week other than tracting we visited less active members and did a lot of service, we had many special experiences around Thanksgiving, helping families out that really needed it, there is nothing like serving strangers with the only thought in mind being "well if Christ was here this is what He would do". Thanksgiving was odd being away from home, but going over to the Whitlows' was so fun!

I gave a training at district meeting on obedience. It was my first training because while you are being trained the don't allow you to train. But I loved it, and it went well.

We found new people this week and set up return appointments with them for this week! We are so excited!! This upcoming week is going to be awesome! The Lord really does direct His work today.

Nehemiah 6:3
"I am doing a great work, 
so that I cannot come down:
why should the work cease, 
whilst I leave it, and come down to you?
I love you,
Elder Roberts

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