Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 97 - No time to relax, I love it

So last Thursday the Des Moines 5th branch got 2 new missionaries! I am now serving with Elder Akaka, who I served with in Muscatine for 6 months the first time I served there! I am SO happy to be serving with him!! 
We have seen MANY miracles already and it has just been a few days!

From last Friday till this Friday we will have no time to breath or relax, I LOVE IT! I have said many times on my mission that we have been busy, but this is a new level. With the short time we have had to work/ proselyte in our own area this week, we have been richly blessed!!

This week so far:
On Monday we had a great day playing sports as a zone and getting to know one another! On Monday evening a member family called us and said Elders we are sitting with a family right now that want to learn about the gospel. We were just walking into another appointment but we told them that we would be there in an hour. We entered C and E's trailer and my heart just dropped. They are SO humble in all aspects. They have two grown children that live with them as well. As we testified to them of the Restoration they were so open, C said after we were done, "It is amazing how young you are and how much you know of God and how old we are and how we don't know anything." The member family testified of what the gospel has done for them in their lives and the blessings they have received from the gospel. C and E want the same blessings for their family.

We are excited to see them be baptized one day soon and to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity.

On Tuesday we had Mission Leadership council in Iowa City and got home at about 8:30, so with 30 minutes to work we went and taught J and G about the importance of the Book of Mormon and invited them to be baptized on July 18th! We are really excited for them as well. They are both extremely humble too.

The Lord will pour his blessings upon us if we are pure, worthy, and diligent!

Elder Roberts

With my new/old comp Elder Akaka:

Saying goodbye to Elder Ganoe:

DS Stake Leadership

With Yordan and Elder A

Transfer meeting on May 21:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 96 - Finishing up in Des Moines!!!

This week I feel many different emotions and feelings, but the one that I feel the strongest is an absolute excitement to do the Lord's work! Many missionaries might dread when they hit their one transfer left mark. They might want to pull a mission emergency break to slow things down or they might feel the time goes by really slow. I am excited to put my shoulder to the wheel and push as hard as a can until it is over!! I know the Lord has so much in store for me and my new companion!

My new companion!!! YES... Elder Petersen and I have served together for 2 transfers and have seen SO many miracles. This morning we got a call from President that he will be getting transferred and that I will be getting a new companion. We will be going to Iowa City on Thursday for transfer meeting.

This week the highlights were:

Monday: We met a woman whose name is G. She is a very humble woman. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and she said a very sincere, and beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson.

Tuesday: Was a day full of teaching!! Those are always the best days :)

Wednesday: I almost got squashed while Elder Petersen and I where helping O (a Hispanic man) move his HUGE refrigerator! We also taught L for the first time. She is a single mom with 2 cute little girls!

Sunday: We taught C who is preparing to be baptized on June 6th. We helped her resolve some concerns she had and taught her about the Plan of Salvation and what a blessing it is to have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation in our lives.

We are so blessed as the Lord's servants to be serving in the 5th branch here in Des Moines. The members are so incredible and loving.

This week strive to see God's hand in your life!
He lives, He loves you, and wants the best for you
Elder Roberts

At the Sanabria's:

We got spotted at Panera by a member there on business and she sent this pic to my mom:

Easter Lake District:

Des Moines District:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 95 - Great to see the whole family

Sunday was great!! It was great to see the whole family! I am doing good, doing the best work in the world :)
I used my birthday money to buy something nice :) :)

I feel like what I write each week is super repetitive. People don't care what I write anyway, but I will try and do better next week.

Love Elder Roberts

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 94 - Short & Sweet

We will call you Saturday evening for details for Mother's Day :)

This is me and my friend Yordan.  He is awesome!! He is a returned missionary who served in the California Anaheim mission and has such a powerful testimony of the gospel which has really helped us with teaching the families we are teaching! He knows Grandma and Grandpa Call.

From the Mission Leadership Council on April 14: