Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 71 - This week in Hawkeye country!

This week has been a crazy one!! But has been so funnnn.  Right now as we speak we are receiving some freezing rain which is always fun!!!
So this week here in Hawkeye country...
On Monday we had a great preparation day, as always! Nothing too exciting. During the evening we went over to the Black's for dinner and had FHE with them.
Tuesday, we taught JC about Patriarcal blessings. Then we taught the C family, then the H, then the H, and to wrap the night up we visited the D family.
Wednesday was a great day of finding new people to teach who are interested in having a better relationship with their Father in Heaven.
Thursday we had district meeting at the stake center. After that we met with L, and got to review the restoration with her, and we also taught T later on that night about baptism.
Friday we did weekly planning. After weekly planning we had a crazy experience!!!!! We were talking about what we should do and we were headed to see the N family. We had just said we would visit F later on in the evening but.... One thing led to another and we ended up at F's trailer. We had no idea why we were there!! We decided to knock on his door and just check up on him. When he opened the door a weird smell came out of the trailer. We looked inside and he had a BBQ with all four burners on inside his trailer with all the windows and doors closed!! He told us he was trying to heat his trailer..... We told him that it was extremely dangerous and that he need to air out the trailer and he said "but then the trailer would be cold" (this conversation was all in Spanish) . He also told us that his head was starting to hurt and he was getting sleepy and that he was thinking of going to sleep..... Luckily we showed up. But most importantly we were led by the Spirit to go to F's home at the exact time he needed us. We also had noche de hogar at 7:30 at our church building.
Saturday-was a great day.
Sunday- once again another crazy thing happened!! While sitting in church right after the sacrament had been passed, R, our dear friend, passed out, and started seizing up. Luckily we have MANY doctors in our ward here and he was fine. But it was crazy at first. So after the first hour we drove R home and took care of him for a couple of hours.
Crazy week full of surprises, but all great learning experiences.  I know this work is a true and living work.
Elder Roberts 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 70 - Sick this whole week, it's getting cold here

Iowa City is amazing!! 
It is great to hear my little sisters are doing great.  The mission has consumed me. I am really striving my best to be the best I can be. It is a difficult task. So just keep me in your prayers. The weather here has been cold, 20 degrees was probably the high and 10 was probably the low.  I actually had a cold this whole week but we just kept working. I can't stand wasting time.
Elder Roberts

Elder Jackson's birthday:

Visiting a member:

Mission Tour with Elder & Sister Cardon:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 69 - This week was purrrrrfect!!!!

As the winter is marching towards us, we truly appreciate the 40 and 50 degree days!! 

The work is going extremely well here! Most days it is hard to get everything done we need to, but we try our best.

This week we were blessed to have many opportunities to share the Gospel and invite people to act.

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Z. We had a great exchange and got to meet and teach an amazing Swahili family who are originally from Congo. A and C, and their 3 kids. 

On Friday we had the privilege of having Zone Training meeting. The assistants gave a very inspired training as well as our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. After we also met E! A Hispanic single mother with 4 kids. We taught her the Restoration as well and shared the blessing that the gospel brings to families.

On Sunday we finally got in with a family we have been trying to teach for a long time and we brought R with us. R is a member here in the 4th ward, and he knows the family very well. I don't know if the lesson could have gone better! He helped them understand things and explain things in a way that really helped them. As we teach this family we have the end goal in mind that one day they will be sealed in the temple!! 

I know this gospel brings people together!! And I know that without it I would be lost.

Those were just some highlight of our week here in Iowa City 4th ward!

Elder Roberts 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 68 - Service, Halloween & Stake Conference

Monday – We had P day, it was awesome.  We went over to the Black’s for dinner.  They fed us a great meal and we had FHE with them.

Tuesday – We did some service for the Jones family, we love them so much.  We talked with I a little bit.  Taught N and P.  We also taught the R family. 

Wednesday – We had interviews with President Jensen they went great.  We received 3 referrals.  We had our Halloween Trunk or Treat party at the church.

Thursday – This wasn't one of the best days.  We had to be in by 6pm so we didn’t get much done.   We were successful in getting the tree stump out of the Jones' front yard.

Friday -  We did weekly planning.  Ran around and gave thank you cards to members who are helping us out.  Got a humongous turkey . They also gave us $15 to buy a pie around Thanksgiving time.  He also gave us chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels.  About 7pm we were picked up by brother Black and just hung out with them for Halloween night, it was a blast.

Saturday – We helped out Francis with some service.  Helped him put a window in trailer.  We gave R a sweet shirt for his birthday.  Then we had stake conference which was really great.  Got a lot out of it, it was a lot focused on families and parenting.  We got invited to a Zumba party by a member.  We ended up leaving pretty quickly once they music got too loud.

Sunday – We had stake conference and taught 5 lessons today, we were running to lessons like crazy.  We were happy to have a night to go and teach people. 

Elder Roberts