Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 71 - This week in Hawkeye country!

This week has been a crazy one!! But has been so funnnn.  Right now as we speak we are receiving some freezing rain which is always fun!!!
So this week here in Hawkeye country...
On Monday we had a great preparation day, as always! Nothing too exciting. During the evening we went over to the Black's for dinner and had FHE with them.
Tuesday, we taught JC about Patriarcal blessings. Then we taught the C family, then the H, then the H, and to wrap the night up we visited the D family.
Wednesday was a great day of finding new people to teach who are interested in having a better relationship with their Father in Heaven.
Thursday we had district meeting at the stake center. After that we met with L, and got to review the restoration with her, and we also taught T later on that night about baptism.
Friday we did weekly planning. After weekly planning we had a crazy experience!!!!! We were talking about what we should do and we were headed to see the N family. We had just said we would visit F later on in the evening but.... One thing led to another and we ended up at F's trailer. We had no idea why we were there!! We decided to knock on his door and just check up on him. When he opened the door a weird smell came out of the trailer. We looked inside and he had a BBQ with all four burners on inside his trailer with all the windows and doors closed!! He told us he was trying to heat his trailer..... We told him that it was extremely dangerous and that he need to air out the trailer and he said "but then the trailer would be cold" (this conversation was all in Spanish) . He also told us that his head was starting to hurt and he was getting sleepy and that he was thinking of going to sleep..... Luckily we showed up. But most importantly we were led by the Spirit to go to F's home at the exact time he needed us. We also had noche de hogar at 7:30 at our church building.
Saturday-was a great day.
Sunday- once again another crazy thing happened!! While sitting in church right after the sacrament had been passed, R, our dear friend, passed out, and started seizing up. Luckily we have MANY doctors in our ward here and he was fine. But it was crazy at first. So after the first hour we drove R home and took care of him for a couple of hours.
Crazy week full of surprises, but all great learning experiences.  I know this work is a true and living work.
Elder Roberts 

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