Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 68 - Service, Halloween & Stake Conference

Monday – We had P day, it was awesome.  We went over to the Black’s for dinner.  They fed us a great meal and we had FHE with them.

Tuesday – We did some service for the Jones family, we love them so much.  We talked with I a little bit.  Taught N and P.  We also taught the R family. 

Wednesday – We had interviews with President Jensen they went great.  We received 3 referrals.  We had our Halloween Trunk or Treat party at the church.

Thursday – This wasn't one of the best days.  We had to be in by 6pm so we didn’t get much done.   We were successful in getting the tree stump out of the Jones' front yard.

Friday -  We did weekly planning.  Ran around and gave thank you cards to members who are helping us out.  Got a humongous turkey . They also gave us $15 to buy a pie around Thanksgiving time.  He also gave us chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels.  About 7pm we were picked up by brother Black and just hung out with them for Halloween night, it was a blast.

Saturday – We helped out Francis with some service.  Helped him put a window in trailer.  We gave R a sweet shirt for his birthday.  Then we had stake conference which was really great.  Got a lot out of it, it was a lot focused on families and parenting.  We got invited to a Zumba party by a member.  We ended up leaving pretty quickly once they music got too loud.

Sunday – We had stake conference and taught 5 lessons today, we were running to lessons like crazy.  We were happy to have a night to go and teach people. 

Elder Roberts

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