Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 63 - Learning to cook new things

We switched apartments last week with the English speaking Elders because the side we work on in Perry was where their apartment was. And our old apartment was on the side of Perry that the English Elders work.  I have learned on my mission that an apartment is just an apartment, they are all pretty much the same!

I am doing great, Elder Gregor and I have a baptism coming up on October 11th and we are very excited for General Conference this Saturday and Sunday. And on the 4th we will be going to another town in Iowa to see a baptism of a woman who Elder Gregor taught in one of his areas.

This week it's all about the food.  Jaime is teaching us how to cook.  He brought the arroz con leche over because he knew I was sick and it was raining that day. 

Watermelon with JK:

Arroz con leche

Jacote en miel

Spam & rice

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 62 - All the Glory to God

An amazing week once again and all of the credit and glory goes to our amazing Heavenly Father!!

This week we spent a lot of time trying different ways to find more people to teach.
We tried to visit people who had been taught in the past,
we tracted a little,
we received many referrals from members,
and this upcoming week we are going to get in contact with Channel 12 here in Perry and record a video about our church and what we do as missionaries and have them run it as a commercial :) We are trying to get pretty creative here.

We had a great lesson with C this week, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration with him and Oscar. There was such a powerful spirit!!! We also taught him about the word of wisdom and the 10 commandments.
We also visited with JK and taught him about Lehi and his family from the Book of Mormon. Luckily he has a child Book of Mormon story book.
On Friday we had a awesome Zone Conference in Des Moines.  During Zone Conference we were taught a lot about using the Book of Mormon while teaching. It is always great to get to talk with missionaries you have served around and see how they are doing.

Exciting news!!!! Our branch in the past 2 weeks has a new relief society president, primary president, and branch mission leader.  The new branch mission leader is JAIME!!!!! He has been branch mission leader before and is going to be amazing!!!!

Elder Roberts

A ring I found on the street, I turned it in to the police:
Making pupusas with Jaime:

Another meal with JK:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 61 - 8th companion, 11th transfer!

There is nothing better than being the Lord's servant! He truly controls this work, and when we follow and accept his will everything works out! So this week being transfer week, here's what happened:

Monday- We had a pretty normal day till about 7pm when we got the call from Elder Cleverly that Elder Johnson would be transferred and I would be staying!!

Tuesday- The weather was crazy!! Pouring buckets and buckets on us. It got to the point where we looked at ourselves and thought "who would let us in their home like this?" But the Lord's work doesn't stop just because weather so we worked with it.

Wednesday- Was our P-day this week. Elder Johnson finished packing and saying goodbye to the people he had grown close to here in Perry

Thursday- We woke up at 5:30 and headed to Iowa City with a member here in Perry. It is about a 2 and a half hour drive to Iowa City.  I received my new companion Elder Gregor. He has been out for 21 months and is from Riverside CA. After transfer meeting we headed back to Perry and I introduced C to Elder Gregor. We are so excited for C!!!! He is progressing a lot in the gospel and has come to church for 5 Sundays in a row

Friday- We had district meeting in Ankeny. Then we taught Deb Anderson with the English Elders here and handed her over to the English elders here. After that lesson we taught C about the Law of Chastity. It went amazing!! We knew that he had an inappropriate poster in his room so we brought a picture of Christ with us to the lesson and after the lesson invited him to take down the picture and put up the picture of Christ. He did it, and while sitting there talking with us he just started to rip the poster up!!

Saturday- We taught M and his wife in the afternoon with Jaime. Then I taught J by myself for the first time without Elder Johnson!!! (John is deaf and doesn't know English).  Then to wrap up the night Jaime came out with us again and we taught the Melgar family.

Sunday- Church was great and afterward we taught C about general conference and the prophet.

This week has been crazy and it is hard to put in words.  I know I am truly doing the Lord's work.
Many people say they will know Christ by the nail prints in His hands and the spear wound in His side. But if we truly know Christ, we will know Him because we are instruments in his Hands. What an amazing time to serve the Lord!!!

Elder Roberts

My insoles... I have new ones now, we walked a lot last transfer

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 60 - Transfer Week

Another transfer almost over for me, and they aren't slowing down! They are speeding up!!

Monday- For Labor Day we did nothing special, just a normal P-day.

Tuesday-  We taught JK about tithing, and we also went over to O's house and read the Book of Mormon with him.

Wednesday- We helped out at New Opportunities, and taught C about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The lesson went great and he explained to us why he thinks baptism is important, and why he wants to be baptized

Thursday- We had district meeting in Ankeny. Once we got back into Perry we taught the Moshers about the Temple and how important it is. At the end of the lesson they committed to take the temple prep classes and take the steps so that they can be sealed in the temple for time and eternity!!!

Friday- We taught M about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with J. Then we talked with C and read the Book of Mormon with him. After our lesson he asked us if he could come to church on Sunday! That was an amazing miracle that Heavenly Father gave us

Saturday- We helped translate for people who don't know English at a food bank here in Perry.

Sunday- We had a great fast and testimony meeting! C came to church and brought his girl friend. They both enjoyed the three hours of church.  Then at night we taught M and his family about the Plan of Salvation.

Thanks for the back to school pictures.  In 14 months my sisters have changed so much!  I can't wait to hangout with them again.  I don't know if you realize it, but I sure miss not being able to see them every day.

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all the things He took upon Himself for me. None of us are perfect but as we strive to be like Christ we can be freed from our guilt and shame. I know this to be true with all of my heart!!!!

-Elder Roberts

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 59 - Huge miracles this week

Lunes- We had P-day of course, but in the evening we had an amazing lesson and dinner with the Moshers (member family)!! Elder Johnson and I love them so much! They are an elderly couple and are SO funny. We are helping them prepare to be sealed in the temple one day.

Martes- We had a great lesson with O. We taught him his 3rd new member lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Miercoles- I went on an exchange with Elder Payne (district-leader). Jaime and I taught M more about the Book of Mormon. It was a great lesson and having Jaime and the lessons has really helped M! Then we did service for the rec center. We translate for people who don't know English. After that we taught C (O's Uncle) and invited him to be baptized on October 11th!!

Jueves- We had district meeting here in Perry, and had shared another great lesson with a member family here, the Pearsons.  

Viernes- We had another amazing lesson with the N family. Jaime came with us to the lesson. We taught the three children of M and B, and invited them to baptized when they come to know that this Church is true. 

Sabado- Another great day. We had a branch activity and afterward we met a man whose name is J. He let us right into his house and then we explained what we share and began teaching him. He really liked what he learned and we invited him to exercise his faith and pray about the Restoration.

Domingo- We had a great church service, and C came and enjoyed it!
The Lord is blessing us A LOT right now in Perry, and we owe all the success to the Lord.
Elder Roberts