Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 62 - All the Glory to God

An amazing week once again and all of the credit and glory goes to our amazing Heavenly Father!!

This week we spent a lot of time trying different ways to find more people to teach.
We tried to visit people who had been taught in the past,
we tracted a little,
we received many referrals from members,
and this upcoming week we are going to get in contact with Channel 12 here in Perry and record a video about our church and what we do as missionaries and have them run it as a commercial :) We are trying to get pretty creative here.

We had a great lesson with C this week, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration with him and Oscar. There was such a powerful spirit!!! We also taught him about the word of wisdom and the 10 commandments.
We also visited with JK and taught him about Lehi and his family from the Book of Mormon. Luckily he has a child Book of Mormon story book.
On Friday we had a awesome Zone Conference in Des Moines.  During Zone Conference we were taught a lot about using the Book of Mormon while teaching. It is always great to get to talk with missionaries you have served around and see how they are doing.

Exciting news!!!! Our branch in the past 2 weeks has a new relief society president, primary president, and branch mission leader.  The new branch mission leader is JAIME!!!!! He has been branch mission leader before and is going to be amazing!!!!

Elder Roberts

A ring I found on the street, I turned it in to the police:
Making pupusas with Jaime:

Another meal with JK:

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