Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 63 - Learning to cook new things

We switched apartments last week with the English speaking Elders because the side we work on in Perry was where their apartment was. And our old apartment was on the side of Perry that the English Elders work.  I have learned on my mission that an apartment is just an apartment, they are all pretty much the same!

I am doing great, Elder Gregor and I have a baptism coming up on October 11th and we are very excited for General Conference this Saturday and Sunday. And on the 4th we will be going to another town in Iowa to see a baptism of a woman who Elder Gregor taught in one of his areas.

This week it's all about the food.  Jaime is teaching us how to cook.  He brought the arroz con leche over because he knew I was sick and it was raining that day. 

Watermelon with JK:

Arroz con leche

Jacote en miel

Spam & rice

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