Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 32 - Pretty sweet week

So this week was pretty sweet! On Monday we just had a normal P day! 

On Tuesday we had a blast, we went down to Garden Grove and visited Bro Fletcher.  After that we filled up the baptismal font for a baptism that was taking place for a 8 yr old boy then we we taught an English class to about 8 Hispanics! It was so fun! We had a amazing dinner with Sister Paulson. We did a ton this week so I am just going to give the highlights :)

Wednesday we had a sweet lesson with Manuel, one of our investigators.

Thursday we went to Murray to visit Sis Milligan. We also had a great lesson with Jamie who is one of our investigators, he introduced us to his mom and she was interested also.

Friday we had Zone training meeting and the APs were there. I learned so much and it is always super cool to get to hangout with the whole zone.  Then we got to go on exchanges with the zone leader.

Saturday we helped re model an old house in the morning.  We taught Jamie again then had weekly planning

Sunday we had a great church service. We taught a man whose name is Andy about the restoration and he really liked it.

Those were the highlights.  I'll send some picture later this week I don't have time now!

Elder Roberts 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 31 - Miracles (& Valentine's at Taco Bell)

So this week in Elder Roberts' life......

The cars were grounded this morning, we are lucky we can email.  The rest of the mission is grounded because last night there was an ice storm and today it is snowing like crazy, but it warmed up to 40 degrees today, which is a miracle in and of itself!!!! And the ice and snow melted!

We had such an amazing week! I am still in Osceola and we are working really hard right now. I really thought I was leaving but I am not. I love the ward so much here, it is really going to be a bummer to leave here eventually. It feels like my new home!!

On Monday we got the call that I was staying. It was a BIG surprise! I had actually started to pack so it was really hilarious unpacking stuff back into my desk.

On Tuesday I can't remember what we did.

On Wednesday we went up to Truro.

On Thursday we tracted in like negative something degree weather and would knock a side of the trailer park then run to the car and warm up and then figure out what we would do the next.

On Friday we had weekly planning and set goals for this upcoming transfer.   For Valentine's day we had Taco Bell for our Valentine's date!!! It was EPIC.

On Saturday we had district meeting and got to know the new members of our district and had an awesome lesson with a teenage girl who was pretty much atheist and by the end of the lesson she said a prayer and said she would continue to pray!!! That was a huge step! We also planned on visiting a member who we are helping stop smoke. We met at the church at, to our surprise it wasn't just him it was his 2 nephews also. We taught them about the restoration and how much it blesses lives. They said if they prayed and found out it was true that they would be baptized!! It was so so so amazing.

On Sunday we had a fantastic 3 hours of church! We had a huge miracle happen at church! A family in our ward brought an 18 year old to church with them. We had met him once before his name was Jamie. During the 3rd hour we taught him about the restoration and watched the DvD with him after the DvD he said "just to let you know I haven't been baptized yet, but I want to". We were in complete shock when he said that!

We are so grateful for the members who help us out so much! With the members help amazing miracles can happen even more. 

Elder Roberts

Bowling as a zone:

Lunch after zone training:

Crazy district picture:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 30 - Lots of snow, teaching and bowling...maybe my last week in Osceola?

We will get transfer doctrine today, not sure yet if I am getting transferred or not yet.  But I've been in Osceola for over six months so my prediction is that i will be getting transferred :(

That is so cool that you got to meet elder j's mom!

Monday- We had Zone P-day! As a Zone of 15 missionaries we went bowling here in Osceola! It was so fun, then after that we went and watched a wrestling practice at Clarke. Then we had a great dinner with Leslie and then finished the night off by having FHE at the Whitlows.

Tuesday- By 3 o clock our cars were grounded, so we walked to our appointments!! It was really cold! We walked to one appointment for about an hour and then walked back another hour after the lesson.  There was probably 4 inches by the time we were back in the town so we then tried other people for the rest of the night.

Wednesday- We shoveled snow for 4 hours in the morning and then came back for studies after we finished. We then got a text saying we couldn't tract in this weather, and we started laughing because we had already been out in it for 4 hours! We also helped a family in our ward move into their new house. After that we talked with George (one of our investigators) and asked him how he liked church he said he liked and that we wanted his whole family to go! Then we had a lesson with a man named Alan and we were going to teach him about the restoration but he had a lot of questions so we just answered his questions most of the time.

Thursday- I had possibly my last district meeting in Osceola :(  After district meeting we went to Garden Grove and visited a member down there, and once we got back from down there we went to the Watkins home and read the Book of Mormon with Sister Watkins two teenage boys.

Friday- We went to seminary so we woke up at 4:30 then we studied and had weekly planning. We went to Murray and visited a member there, and then had dinner at Brother and Sister Graves' house! They are so amazing! I am going to miss them if I leave.

Saturday - We went down to Lamoni to visit Uncle Larry. He has a restaurant down there and he fed us lunch, he is also an amazing guy. We had a really long talk with him and the spirit was very strong. later that day we went to the baptism of a student who goes to Graceland college down in Lamoni his name is Ryan.

Sunday- Ryan got confirmed a member in Sacrament meeting and then after that we gave a talk!! And so did his friend who baptized him. His name is Daniel, he just got baptized a month ago. President and Sister Jensen were also there! It was such a great Sacrament meeting!

Elder Roberts

Walking to our appointments:

Elder J:

Elder M:

Maybe my last Osky District picture:

Seaweed we had at a member's house (I was the only one who liked it since my Dad went to Japan on his mission and it was always around our house):

My mom met Elder J's mom and the Gilbert temple open house!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 29 - Lots of blessings and great meals this week

This week was so awesome, this transfer is by far the fastest transfer I have had since I've been on my mission, which is sad because I am probably leaving Osceola on Feb 13th :(  So send packages and mail to the Urbandale address, because if you send them to my apt I might not get them for a long time :\

Weekly Update: 
  • Monday - In the morning we got a text that a family in our ward's house had burned down so after emailing and shopping we went to the town to see how bad it was. Their house was completely gone. Luckily everyone got out safely. The ward is totally helping them out and they should be back to normal in a couple of weeks. After that we took a nap and then went over to the Whitlows where Elder J made enchiladas for dinner and the Whitlows taught FHE.
  • Tuesday - We talked with a man named Alan who is really awesome, his son is Mormon, but he is not, we just got to know him and he said we could come back and talk some more about the gospel! We then visited Sister Adams at the assisted living home. We had dinner with Leslie, she made us awesome Mexican food like always and to top that whole night off we taught Beverley and Enrique about baptism! They really understood why as missionaries we stress and focus on baptism. Now it is up to them to pray to know if it is true.
  • Wednesday - We visited the members up in Truro and checked up on them and that took most the day up then we had some district meeting prep time and finished the night off by going to the young men activity which was so amazing! The young men here are so great.
  • Thursday - We went on exchanges to Lenox and we drove all together 3 hours... I am pretty use to it by now though because that is just Iowa.
  • Friday - We had weekly planning for most of the day and then had dinner with the Forrys! They are so so so awesome! 
  • Saturday - Nothing went as we had planned but we still had a great day and ended up teaching a Hispanic family the first lesson. The wife loved it and she prayed at the end of the lesson and then she taught her husband how to and then he said a prayer.
We were really blessed this week!! The mission is crazy but so rewarding.

Elder Roberts

The three crazy amigos:

Sometimes I sleep on the floor in the living room because my companions snore :) 

Sitting in church, crazy:

Sitting in church, cute:

 Elder R, Danny and Elder J:

I love pictures:

Family Home Evening games:

Elder J made enchiladas for dinner at the Whitlows:

Hanging out after dinner:

Osceola ward missionaries: