Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 31 - Miracles (& Valentine's at Taco Bell)

So this week in Elder Roberts' life......

The cars were grounded this morning, we are lucky we can email.  The rest of the mission is grounded because last night there was an ice storm and today it is snowing like crazy, but it warmed up to 40 degrees today, which is a miracle in and of itself!!!! And the ice and snow melted!

We had such an amazing week! I am still in Osceola and we are working really hard right now. I really thought I was leaving but I am not. I love the ward so much here, it is really going to be a bummer to leave here eventually. It feels like my new home!!

On Monday we got the call that I was staying. It was a BIG surprise! I had actually started to pack so it was really hilarious unpacking stuff back into my desk.

On Tuesday I can't remember what we did.

On Wednesday we went up to Truro.

On Thursday we tracted in like negative something degree weather and would knock a side of the trailer park then run to the car and warm up and then figure out what we would do the next.

On Friday we had weekly planning and set goals for this upcoming transfer.   For Valentine's day we had Taco Bell for our Valentine's date!!! It was EPIC.

On Saturday we had district meeting and got to know the new members of our district and had an awesome lesson with a teenage girl who was pretty much atheist and by the end of the lesson she said a prayer and said she would continue to pray!!! That was a huge step! We also planned on visiting a member who we are helping stop smoke. We met at the church at, to our surprise it wasn't just him it was his 2 nephews also. We taught them about the restoration and how much it blesses lives. They said if they prayed and found out it was true that they would be baptized!! It was so so so amazing.

On Sunday we had a fantastic 3 hours of church! We had a huge miracle happen at church! A family in our ward brought an 18 year old to church with them. We had met him once before his name was Jamie. During the 3rd hour we taught him about the restoration and watched the DvD with him after the DvD he said "just to let you know I haven't been baptized yet, but I want to". We were in complete shock when he said that!

We are so grateful for the members who help us out so much! With the members help amazing miracles can happen even more. 

Elder Roberts

Bowling as a zone:

Lunch after zone training:

Crazy district picture:

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