Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 30 - Lots of snow, teaching and bowling...maybe my last week in Osceola?

We will get transfer doctrine today, not sure yet if I am getting transferred or not yet.  But I've been in Osceola for over six months so my prediction is that i will be getting transferred :(

That is so cool that you got to meet elder j's mom!

Monday- We had Zone P-day! As a Zone of 15 missionaries we went bowling here in Osceola! It was so fun, then after that we went and watched a wrestling practice at Clarke. Then we had a great dinner with Leslie and then finished the night off by having FHE at the Whitlows.

Tuesday- By 3 o clock our cars were grounded, so we walked to our appointments!! It was really cold! We walked to one appointment for about an hour and then walked back another hour after the lesson.  There was probably 4 inches by the time we were back in the town so we then tried other people for the rest of the night.

Wednesday- We shoveled snow for 4 hours in the morning and then came back for studies after we finished. We then got a text saying we couldn't tract in this weather, and we started laughing because we had already been out in it for 4 hours! We also helped a family in our ward move into their new house. After that we talked with George (one of our investigators) and asked him how he liked church he said he liked and that we wanted his whole family to go! Then we had a lesson with a man named Alan and we were going to teach him about the restoration but he had a lot of questions so we just answered his questions most of the time.

Thursday- I had possibly my last district meeting in Osceola :(  After district meeting we went to Garden Grove and visited a member down there, and once we got back from down there we went to the Watkins home and read the Book of Mormon with Sister Watkins two teenage boys.

Friday- We went to seminary so we woke up at 4:30 then we studied and had weekly planning. We went to Murray and visited a member there, and then had dinner at Brother and Sister Graves' house! They are so amazing! I am going to miss them if I leave.

Saturday - We went down to Lamoni to visit Uncle Larry. He has a restaurant down there and he fed us lunch, he is also an amazing guy. We had a really long talk with him and the spirit was very strong. later that day we went to the baptism of a student who goes to Graceland college down in Lamoni his name is Ryan.

Sunday- Ryan got confirmed a member in Sacrament meeting and then after that we gave a talk!! And so did his friend who baptized him. His name is Daniel, he just got baptized a month ago. President and Sister Jensen were also there! It was such a great Sacrament meeting!

Elder Roberts

Walking to our appointments:

Elder J:

Elder M:

Maybe my last Osky District picture:

Seaweed we had at a member's house (I was the only one who liked it since my Dad went to Japan on his mission and it was always around our house):

My mom met Elder J's mom and the Gilbert temple open house!

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