Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 28 - Using my Spanish again

Just another cold day here in Iowa... -4... I love this mission so much!!! It doesn't matter how cold it is, it's by far the best mission around.

This week there were some very cool experiences we had to serve! We are teaching a lot Hispanics right now here in Osceola which is really cool! My Spanish is picking back up again. I had to start from like ground zero again, though.

Elder Jackson, Miranda and I have been sick the whole week with allergies and colds off and on which can sometimes be a struggle. But we still had a great week! The weeks sort of blend together and it's hard to put in words what we did each day. The Lord's work is the best work, and there is no greater reward.

Elder Roberts

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 27 - 6 months out, pasole, a blizzard and a baptism scheduled

As usual this week has been crazy and full of adventures!  I can't believe I've been gone for 6 months, it's gone by so fast.

On Monday we had a normal P-day (didn't have to stay in because of the weather like we did the week before).  The harder you work throughout the week, the more P-day's are an essential part of missionary work ha!

Tuesday we went on Exchanges in Chariton and Elder Miranda and I went with Elder Croxall.  It was a great exchange.  We taught one of the people they are teaching about the Plan of Salvation and he said it made a lot of sense it was a really cool lesson.

Wednesday we headed back from Chariton and we tracted most the day we found a newly married couple named Stanley y Claudia, they are so amazing we have a lesson with them tonight. They are so sweet!! And we had dinner with a new family in our ward, the Wanbergs.

Thursday we had district meeting and after we went over to Leslie Cabrera's house for District Lunch.  She fed us pasole, it was so good!! And she loved it! Then after lunch was over we went on exchanges with Lenox here in Osceola. We did service first then went back to change and we were locked out. So we went to our appointment in service clothes.  As we pulled up to the appointment I had never seen such a dark brown looking sky. What we didn't know was that a blizzard was going to hit so we ran into our appointment. Once we came out we got a text from our zone leaders that the cars were grounded and that if we didn't have any set appointments that were within close walking distance that we couldn't go. So that shut that exchange down fast. But me and Elder Stock had a blast together!! We came out to the field together, and have served around each other since we have been out.

Friday we had a lesson with a former investigator at the Whitlows home and she said she wants to be baptized!!! Her date is set for February 23rd!! We are so excited for her! After that we tracted pretty much the rest of the night.

On Saturday the highlight was definitely a discussion with a Hispanic woman who didn't know that I could understand Spanish, and as we were talking with her she was talking about how good looking I am. Hahaha it was so hilarious!! 

That was a brief summary of my week.

Elder Roberts

District lunch at Leslie's house:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 26 - Working Hard, Shoveling Snow

So this week was crazy here in O town! 

Elder Jackson, Elder Miranda and I have been working like crazy! We found two Hispanic families that are interested in the gospel!! We also are teaching a man whose name is Manuel, he is so awesome! Then we also found a woman whose name is Beatriz who has some questions about the church. We have been so blessed this week it is unbelievable. 

We had dinners with members everyday last week! And this week everyday when we are in Osceola we have dinners with members also. It is so awesome to see members grasp onto how to do missionary work! 

I have been so tired lately, it's just a missionary thing, to always be tired, but this week I was especially tired. Also Elder Jackson, Elder Miranda and I all have colds. Which doesn't help with getting a good night's sleep haha but it's fine, the Lord always gives us enough energy to do what he would have us do! 

Following the spirit and working hard is how to be a successful missionary, that is what I have learned this week! No matter what we do as missionaries, if we don't follow the spirit we will not be successful, but if we do follow the spirit, the Lord will grant us blessings that in return, we can never repay him for. Mosiah 2:21 "I say, if ye should serve him with all your whole souls yet ye would be unprofitable servants."  

We are so excited for this upcoming week and the miracles we will see. I know this church is true, I know God loves his children, and that if we ask, He will answer.

Elder Roberts

The district before transfer meeting:

More of the district before transfer meeting:

My new companions, Elder Jackson & Elder Miranda:

Shoveling snow so we can get our car out:

Elder Miranda washing dishes:

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 25 - Two new companions and an amazing week

This week I have had the most amazing time since I have been out on my mission!!  

On Thursday we drove 2 and a half hours to Iowa City for transfer meeting.  Once there I found out my new companions are Elder Jackson and Elder Miranda! They are amazing elders!! After transfer meeting we drove back to O-town. Once they got settled in we went to WalMart because there was no way we were surviving 4 days with the food we have and with how much they eat!! After that adventure we went over to Bishop Bair's house so the elders could meet him and his family. Sister Bair's dinner was amazing. 

On Friday we started off our morning with our regular studying till 11am then we had weekly planning till about 3pm. After weekly planning we went over to the Whitlow's house. We finished of our evening by searching for those people who would be interested in learning about the gospel. We found a Hispanic man who name is Manuel! 

Since Elder Miranda and Elder Jackson are both fluent in Spanish we are really focusing on Hispanics, so we visited the less active Hispanics in our ward on Saturday. We found a man who name is Jorge! He and his wife had just come home from hospital with their first baby.  We taught them about the Atonement and gave his wife a blessing to relieve the pain. The work here in Osceola is really going to pick up.

On Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting which is always wonderful! We then had two appointments fall through. It was 0 degrees with a strong wind, we were advised to stay inside and not tract unless we had an urgent appointment.

Today it's -12 at the moment with a -30 to -40 wind chill.... other than shopping we will be inside all day.
I have to go, but I love you and give the family a lot of love for me. 

Your favorite, best, most handsome son,
Elder Roberts