Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 45 - Walked a lot of miles

So this week here in Muscatine, Iowa it has been very nice weather! It is supposed to start to heat up though! I heard it is pretty miserable to walk in 100 degree weather with 110% humidity, but that is alright!

This week we had a great time serving the people here.  We are seeing a lot of progress with the people we are teaching and we are having so much fun!  I am going to be honest and say it is pretty hard to remember what we did last week, because I didn't write in my journal.

We do so much everyday that it just sort of all meshes together! We walked a lot of miles and taught people the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Elder Roberts

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 44 - Week of service

So this week here in Muscatine we did a ton of amazing service!!

Monday- We had P-day. After that had a wonderful dinner with the Filmores. Then we went and had a lesson with Jenny and Eric.

Tuesday- nothing too eventful.

Wednesday- We went to West Liberty and ended up being an answer to a less active member's prayers. We helped him shut down and cleared out the bar he was running. Shutting down one bar at a time!!

Thursday- We continued to work on the baptismal font, then traveled back to West Liberty to meet with an awesome member. He is the only member in his whole family!!

Friday- We had Zone Training Meeting in Washington, and then had an amazing lesson with Eddy! He is not a member but his wife is. He has been taught the lessons like 3 times. So we are teaching him differently than the "normal way" and he has been loving it!!!

Saturday- We had a ward activity, the Spring Fling, and afterwards had a baptism for a boy whose name is Nathaniel.

Sunday- We went to church. After that we went to Fairfield which is 2 hours away, because Elder Steele had to interview one of the people that they are teaching for baptism.  Then we drove back and had dinner with the Burton family.

Mom, thanks for the "card" workout you sent.  Right now we can do it in 25-30 minutes, want to get down to 20 minutes before the end of this transfer.  We are still recovering  from doing it the first time! We were literally dying of soreness the next day and the day after that and the day after that!

Elder Roberts

Nathaniel's baptism:

Still working on the font:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 43 - A new comp (trio now) & Mother's Day Skype

This transfer went by so fast! It was by far the fastest transfer so far on my mission. Elder Steele and I are serving here in Muscatine still, but they put us in a trio! Elder Steele and I have already both been in trios so it isn't that crazy for us. We have an awesome companion, his name is Elder Akaka from Hawaii. He was baptized in 2011 and has a very powerful testimony! We are doing a lot of work right now, and loving it. This transfer we are expecting big things.

Mother's Day was amazing! Getting to talk to my family was amazing, definitely not as hard as Christmas.  We are so blessed to have the technology we do today! 

Right now I am loving serving the Lord and the people here in Muscatine and can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of my mission. I love this gospel, it is so simple and true.

Elder Roberts 

At transfer meeting on 5/8:

 Elder R and Elder S with their new comp, Elder Akaka:

With the Whitlows:

Some building in Muscatine:

The English & Spanish Elders in Muscatine:

Mother's Day call across 3 states (CA, IA, MA):

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 42 - Six weeks in Muscatine, a crazy man & a temple trip

One transfer (6 weeks) down in Muscatine!

Monday - We worked, didn't get to have p-day because we had a temple trip planned for Saturday! We had a great dinner with the Hensen Family, and helped the Jara family pack up their house so they could move to Iowa city on Thursday.

Tuesday -We did service at the MCSA (Muscatine Center for Social Action) and had some great lessons with some people we are teaching.

Wednesday - We had exchanges with the English Elders.  Elder Coalwell came with me which meant I was on my own when we had appointments with people who only speak Spanish... Luckily I got by!

Thursday - We had a great district meeting and afterwards we tried a couple people that said they might be interested. We went to one man's house, he was very drunk and said he was high. We started talking about Christ and he snapped... He saw Elder Steele smile and almost went berserk. Luckily the man thought I was cool so he didn't get angry at me and I calmed the situation down. During his rage he threatened to put Elder Steele through his porch. He was a 280 lb white man. Afterward our adrenaline was pumping like crazy.  Once we got the car we just laughed it off and kept working.

Friday - We focused on finding more people to teach.

Saturday - We had a soccer game. We lost 10-1.... Then we went to Nauvoo and had an amazing time there, it was much nicer not having a 4 hour drive. Instead it was just an hour and a half.

Sunday- We had a great testimony meeting and had great time after church teaching people.

Elder Roberts