Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 67 - A Lot to Say...

...but no real words can explain my week here in Iowa City.

The work here is probably the busiest I have been on my mission. The problem we have here is making it to appointments on time because we have too many of them to fit in the hours of day we have to work! That is a pretty good problem to have as a missionary!!

The people we are teaching right now are amazing and we are really trying to help them personally come closer to their Father in Heaven.

This week we taught a husband and wife who are of the Baptist faith. They were very eager to battle with us and as I sat their quietly realizing the would not let us teach, I felt sorrow for them. I can imagine how the Savior felt when he taught in a pure and perfect way and yet the people's hearts were closed. If the hearts of the people are closed, the Spirit cannot enter and teach them. We do have another lesson with them this week and we plan on really explaining why we there and what our purpose as missionaries are, and if they aren't ready to accept the gospel maybe they will be in the future!!

We also taught another family this week. The mother of the family was raised in a home with LDS standards, but was never baptized. She is interested in learning more, especially because she wants the best for her children!! The lesson went great and we are excited to see the Gospel help strengthen their family!!

The members here in the IA City 4th ward are amazing!! They are so missionary minded. This week members here gave us 12 names of their friends who they have talked to about the gospel and are interested in talking with us and learning more!!!     

We are truly blessed to be serving here!! The work is so much more effective when there are many laborers and not just 4 or 5.

I love you all
Elder Roberts

[RJ didn't explain these pictures, but it looks like they got it all cleaned up!]

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