Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 19 - A fun adventure & a new address for this month

So this week has been one of the most fun adventures so far on my mission!! We started off the week with some snow and we had some great lesson with some less actives in our area and also some recent converts.

On Tuesday it was cold, about 30 degrees, not that bad, and we had an awesome lesson with "R" and her kids "B" and "D" they are the most awesome little boys ever, and then the rest of the day was based around service.  Then on Wednesday I cant really remember what we did because I am going off of memory because I forgot my planner... 

But here is where it gets interesting, on Thursday we started off our day at cross ministries and then we had a few lessons with recent converts and knocked some doors. It was like 20 degrees. Then it started to rain.... don't ask me how, it just does, so as we are walking to a dinner appointment at  Sis Paulson's house we notice that our winter jackets are getting hit by rain and then within a second the rain freezes on you, so by the time we go to Sis Paulson's house we had a layer of ice all on our jackets and the hoods of our jackets. You might wonder why we walked when we have a car, but we just thought it would be fun! And it was!!!! 

Then on Friday and Saturday it was a little ridiculous, it was like 5-15 degrees the whole day both days with a nice strong breeze the whole time.  Iowa cold goes through all layers of your clothes and chills you to the bone, Elder Blauer says even in Idaho it's nowhere near what we felt this week. And its only November hahaha.  I cant wait for Winter here.

But besides the weather, the work here is going really well, we are really focused and we plan on making a big impact in the Osceola Ward this transfer, with His help!!!

It's getting into the holiday season and I think the first couple holidays away are going to be difficult for me. But that's alright I will just work so hard I don't have time to think about it. For thanksgiving we are going to the Whitlows!!! They are the best.  The coat you sent is absolutely the best thing ever.  I haven't used the boots yet but I bet they will be awesome too.  I still need to find a scarf and hat.

IMPORTANT:  Any Christmas cards or packages need to be mailed directly my apartment or I won't get them until January 2nd.  My address is:

Elder RJ Roberts
219 E. Cass St #4
Osceola IA 50213

Elder Roberts

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