Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 24 - New companions this week

This week was so great! Christmas was amazing!
Some tips for anyone who plans to skype with a missionary:
1. Don't think that you have a full hour
2. You have to add in crying time
3. The time flies
4. Be ready for surprises

If you follow those steps, skyping home will be that much more predictable!
This week Elder Blauer and I have been really focusing on the members in our ward because as you can imagine its pretty hard for people to let you in when they are with family and it is 0 degrees.  On Friday it was super nice, it was 40 degrees so we didn't even have to wear jackets!!

We also got transfer calls this morning.  Elder Blauer is getting transferred and will be serving as district leader somewhere else and I am staying in Osceola!!!!!! My new companionship is going to be a trio. I like to call it the trinity, I am so excited and pumped.

Thank you once again to everyone who sent me Christmas gifts!
The greatest gift of all though is Christ's Atonement!!
May we all remember that with this New Year coming.

Elder Roberts  

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