Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 7 - Osceola, Iowa

I can’t believe I’m actually here finally. It is absolutely fantastic. The people here in Osceola are so warm and humble. My companion’s name is Elder Blauer, he is 6'7 and 280 lbs. He is a big dude, makes me look small! He is district leader and my trainer. It was weird leaving Elder Markstaller but I bet it will be even more weird to leave my trainer, and eventually my first area. I already love the people here so much I can’t explain.

The first night I got here we ate the best food at the president’s house I have ever had, I almost started to cry. Only 4 out of 32 missionaries at dinner went through what I did in Mexico and we all felt the same way. Then we slept at a member’s house and were supposed to wake up the next day at 5:30 and be at the president’s house at 6:30. We woke up at 6:20.... and ran all the way to his house. Then after breakfast at President Jensen's house we had a 2 hour drive to transfer meeting. President Jensen and Sister Jensen are probably two of the most kind and loving people I know. At transfer meeting I found out that my companion would be Elder Blauer. He is so amazing, he has been out 17 months and is a little trunky, but I kick him in the bum every morning and we go out and work our hardest.

After transfer meeting I found out that we would be driving 3 hours to my new area... Brother Williamson drove us to his house which is a town over from ours where our car was and then we drove from his house to ours.  Danny and Amber Whitlow were also in the car. They are ward missionaries here, and they are like our parents here pretty much. The people here remind me a lot of our crazy family, it’s really funny.

Right now we have 6 investigators but it’s really rough here to plan appointments because everyone works a lot. We have Krissy and Celena who are mother and daughter and have had rough lives but know the gospel is true. The only problem is every time we set up an appointment the adversary throws something in the way. They have had to cancel 5 times already, I get really frustrated some times. Their baptismal date is set for September 21, but that might be delayed. Then we have Randy and Charity, they are single moms with 2 kids each and are really busy balancing kids and work.  Beverly is also an investigator, she works a lot and said she will get baptized in November. We also work a lot with less actives, that is a big issue here so we visit less actives a lot.

This week we are walking which means every day we will probably be covering 10 miles. We switch off with another set of missionaries and have a car every other week. Every night we get home I collapse on the couch and want to pass out. It’s amazing! I have fallen asleep on my journal in the middle of writing so far and also have fallen asleep on my scriptures while memorizing. This work is amazing. Oh yeah this week I also got a prompting to knock some doors in a Hispanic part of town on Sunday and on Sunday we fasted and prayed to find new investigators.  We ended up finding 2 possible investigators in the apartment complex. Florinda and the Flores family those are our only Spanish speaking investigators. This is a bi-lingual mission so we speak English and Spanish.

2 days ago we helped a man build 2 barns on his property and it was 105 degrees here, with the humidity it was calculated to be 120 degrees, Newport weather is nothing compared to Iowa's magnificent weather.  The cookies were great and the ward was different, but fantastic. I learned that not every ward sings and has an organist as good as ours.

I’m good with money, I’m budgeting so I don’t know if I’ll ever have to use my debit card. I’m learning the ways of how to shop like a poor man from my trainer, it’s awesome

My pday is normally on Monday but since it was a holiday yesterday, the library was closed so we had to email today. Keep me in your prayers.

Love you all so much
Elder Roberts

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