Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 8 - Hard but great

This week was hard but great. We walked every day, in weather a lot worse than you're having it - was at least 100 everyday (except maybe Elder Call)... It sticks to you here. It’s like a heavy heat. It’s WAY worse than Newport. 

We have mostly 3 to 4 dinner appointments a week here. We make our own breakfast and lunch every day and we live on our own. We don't use bikes because we don't have bikes. When we tract we bring as little as possible, but no matter what we are dripping in sweat. I have not got a shoulder bag yet, I don't really want one. 

I feel great here, already I love the people so much. O and I haven't got home sick here. I think it’s because I'm constantly focusing on other people, and how to teach them the gospel. Our investigators are doing fantastic right now! Krissy and CeLena are doing really good. I never thought that I would gain a love for people I barely know so quickly but I did. Elder Blauer and I went out on Thursday and bought supplies for Krissy that would help her stop smoking because she couldn't buy it.  So we showed up on her doorstep and surprised her with the supplies. Her baptism date is the 21st and she is so excited she just has to stop smoking. She went from a pack and a half a day to 5 a day last week, and now this week she will be at 0.  QUICK STORY On Tuesday we were walking to a less active families house when Elder Blauer told me Grandma Opal lives by the road we were walking on and we both thought we should visit her. At the visit we learned that she had found out early in the morning that she has kidney disease and that they are failing her fast. We comforted her and talked and helped her with some chores for about 2 hours. We were so grateful for that experience we had that day. Then while walking home from her house we saw two men on a porch smoking, and we just asked them how their day was going and if they needed anything and one of them said he was less active and that he wanted to re activate and bring his family to the gospel, and that we would see him at church on Sunday. Experiences like these let us acknowledge how much God's hand is in our lives every day and that what we are doing is His work, not our work. There are some difficult times and I don't ever think rejection will be easy to take, but I'm grateful for the many experiences God has given me so far on my mission. I love everyone, and I pray for you a lot. Keep praying for me!!
Love forever,

Elder Roberts 

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