Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 9 - Baptism this Saturday

Pday is the day we recharge. We normally start the day off by studying.  After that we have time to be a little normal for a while. We shop for the week, we email, then eat, then we get to relax and clean our apartment if necessary till about 6 pm then p day is over and we go out and teach tell 8:30.

On a typical day here so far we don't wear a suit because it was really hot, but starting Sunday the temp dropped and we might start wearing them. It’s bitter cold here now. I love how different it is here.

Bishop Bair is so amazing!!! He and the bishopric are so focused on the work and help as much as possible. We go to ward council every week with the Chariton Elders who are also in our ward.

For the past two weeks we have made all 3 meals for ourselves, which is fine. The people here are really busy, it just means we have to budget even more.

This week was full of travel. We had exchanges with Lenox.  Since I'm the district leaders comp. we have to go on exchanges with every set of missionaries in our district. We arrived in Lenox, and me and Elder Stock got paired together. Elder Stock and I came out together, so we were pumped to work together; the 2 new guys. We killed it in Lenox together it was so much fun. Then on Wednesday we had Zone training! It was awesome too!! Elder Gay from the 1st quorum of the seventy taught us from 9am till 4pm, it was so amazing. It pumped everyone up. 

On Thursday the zone leaders had to come down for Krissy's baptismal interview, so we went on exchanges with them while they were down here. I went with Elder Cutler, he is the Elder I want to follow while out here, he is JUST like me.  He just has been out 18 months so he has a lot of knowledge I don't have, we had such a great day together here in Osceola.
Krissy is going to be baptized this Saturday!!!!! We are so grateful for her and that she let the Spirit and the Gospel change her life. We have many other investigators we are planning on giving baptismal dates to this week.

How is everyone back home doing?? This mission is crazy hectic but amazingly awesome.

Elder Roberts & Elder Blauer:

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  1. Didn't know you had a blog. Hope you're having fun. Its BotB week back home!