Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 10 - First month in Iowa down and another baptism scheduled!

First I will answer your questions Mom. I met Hermana Eggett at the CCM and sat next to her on the flight from Detroit to Des Moines. She is a really amazing sister missionary. Yes I am wearing my retainers. Yes we have a cell phone. I fall asleep every night as soon as my head hits the pillow. I exercise for 30 minutes every morning, I’m  still 180 lbs (down 20 lbs since I left). We don't have any sisters in our area yet, but we are getting some down in Lamoni this transfer. Hermana Eggett is in my zone though, so we talked at the Zone Training Meeting we had last week. We don't talk to the mission president unless it’s an emergency or unless we are at a meeting with him. At the Zone Training meeting President Jensen and I talked for a while, though. 

Our week was sort of normal this week, except for Saturday. KRISSY GOT BAPTIZED!!! And then confirmed at church yesterday. Then after church Krissy's daughter CeLena told us to come over and said that at her mom's baptism she received an answer. Her baptism date is scheduled for Oct.12. We are so excited and blessed that God has trusted us with this family.

Tons of love from me to you,
Elder Roberts
P.S haven't got the packages yet, but I can't wait for them.  'Ill be sending a package home pretty soon.

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