Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 11 - Not discouraged

I got both boxes and sweater! Thank you so much they made my day.

Wow if there was ever something that you would never want to happen to you as a missionary. It happened to Elder Blauer and I this week. It was a week of greatness which then came shattering down instantly with one text... Elder Blauer and I this week worked everything out and now are going to be unstoppable here in Osceloa. We were so pumped we were having a great week. When we then had a lesson with C. We taught her about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost, after the lesson she seemed really excited for baptism! But... The rest of the week the contact with her was very small, she wasn't being like herself. We got a text on Sunday night that said "I'm sorry guys I don't want to be baptized anymore. Elder Blauer and I looked in shock at each other. With tears streaming down our faces we had no clue what to do. She explained why with more texts. With this experience I wondered why does God give everyone agency. I had fasted for her for 24 hours, all of fast Sunday and then broke my fast, and then we received that text. It was hard to swallow. Very hard. Me and Elder Blauer aren't discouraged though!!!!! We know there are many souls here in Osceola that are prepared!!! We are more determined than ever! Other than that, our week was fantastic! We taught many people and were guided by the Spirit. I love you all, keep me in your prayers, and Elder Call too.

Elder Roberts  

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