Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 6 - Leaving for Iowa tomorrow!

I'm so ready to be in the field, we leave for the airport tomorrow at 3am!! I'm not nervous or worried. I'm excited and anxious to get there. I'm all packed! And I did it myself! 4 of us are leaving tomorrow, everyone else has already left. My CCM experience in Mexico, well... it was a time to grow up fast and realize the importance of the gospel and it made me realize how blessed and lucky we are to live where we live. It's sad because most people don't even realize what a blessing and gift we have. Being here has strengthened my testimony so much!!  The growth is so great that it feels like I never had one before, if that makes sense. I've realized that if you put all you faith in God you can  accomplish anything!!! Learning as much Spanish as I have here would have been impossible without His help. Being here has made me realize how important family is. I'm truly grateful for this experience!
Your Elder
Elder Roberts

There are so many missionaries here that they had to add meal tables outside:

Sunday dinner outside:

Me and Brothers Henderson and Draper:

Trying to escape!:

My last breakfast at the CCM:

Ironic sign at the CCM:

A devotional:

Me and Elder Markstaller in front of the CCM bus:

For mom (she requested a pic of me without ducklips):

With Brother Henderson:

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