Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 77 - Icy and Snowy

The winter has really hit now!  Last week the seven day forecast was:

M- 30 degrees
T- 20 degrees with a brutal wind chill
W- 20 degrees
T-  15 degrees
F- 15 degrees
S- 20 degrees with snow 
S-10 degrees

Then this week is supposed to be even colder. 

Today- it is about 5 degrees and a snow storm is supposed to hit tonight 

Tuesday- cold

Wednesday- in the negatives :)

This week I am going to re-cap the amazing things that happened, and leave out some of the week. So starting with 

    We had a great lesson with E about the priesthood and taught him that once he is baptized he can receive it and gain the wonderful blessings that come from the priesthood! He then came with us to a lesson. He taught a woman named M with us. She is the mother of a recent convert here, J. E was nervous at first, but when we asked him to testify of how the Book of Mormon has helped him he bore powerful testimony of it! 
    My jaw drops and his wife is speechless as E has completely changed and loves the gospel. E has also given us many people to go and teach, and continues to be amazing!!
    The woman we taught that evening accepted a baptismal date for Feb.14th and is ready to study and prepare herself for that day!!

    We taught a man named J, he has a lot of respect for us and expressed his gratitude for our service we do for our Father in Heaven. He is very devoted to the church he goes to right now, which is great because as we continue to teach him, he can be a devoted member of the true church!

    We walked over 10 miles walking from appointment to appointment. It was very cold but the spirit warmed us as we speed walked around Muscatine. That evening we taught E about missionary work and he let us know that he loved teaching with us!! He saw the joy it brought to J and her mom as she committed to follow Jesus Christ more fully in her life!

    We continue to be so blessed and have miracles poured upon us each and every day!
    This week keep us in your prayers as we navigate the icy and snowy roads. It is a lot different than California :)

Elder Roberts

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