Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 2 - Don't drink the water :)

Hiiiii Mom, emails from you and dad always make me cry a ton, I don't know if I'll ever get use to it, but it's fine, I love hearing from you!! Here at the CCM we study 24/6 because we relax on Sundays!!! My companion is quiet, reserved and pretty serious whereas you know I'm a bit different, but we work great together.  This  week we have 2 investigators to teach everyday. They love to push you to limit here, and then more. We get to go to the temple every other week but the temple is closed right now. La comida here is OK. I got sick on Saturday and was in bed all day.  Me, my comp and Elder Tidwell decided to take the filters off our water bottles and not rinse them out.  Then we put clean water in them so we had Montezuma's revenge, it was awful. I've seen Kory Johnson like everyday, it's the best. The first time I saw him we ran to each other and gave each other a hug, and still do that every time. I'm going to go grab my journal and type it up so you can put it on the blog.
Lots of love,
Elder Roberts

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