Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arrived at the MTC

I arrived at the MTC a few minutes ago it's so beautiful. I haven`t even met my companion yet, but i have some great stories already! When I got to Mexico i was picked up by a man who didn't speak any English! It was amazing, Mexico is REALLY different. We picked up our name tags right away, and put our suitcases in our rooms and came straight to the building I'm in now, the Thomas S. Monson building. My dorm overlooks the whole seville here in the city, I'll take pictures and send them to you on my p-day. The spirit is really strong here.  I'm a little over whelmed as you can imagine but so are all the other guys in my district. This day has really come and my new journey for two years has begun. Give my love to the girls and Dad, and let Grace know I'm here safe, I can only email you at the moment, since its not P-day.
Ready to Serve
Love always,
Elder Roberts

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