Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 34 - It's kind of warming up!

So yesterday it was like 50 degrees! It was so nice out.  Today for pday we are going to go shopping and then go on a run. It is so nice to be outside without being in pain from the cold!

This week has been pretty sweet.  We have had some great lessons with our investigators, and we also have some new people who are wanting to learn more about the church. Some of our appointments this week fell through, but the appointments we had were very cool. We taught Pedro about the Plan of Salvation and he thought it made sense and he is pretty excited to learn more. We asked him to read a pamphlet we gave him, but instead he went on YouTube and watched videos... he said that was easier for we had to tell him that we don't believe in all the stuff people say online and told him to visit websites like and

This week we are really going to try and find a lot of new people and cycle through the people who just aren't really ready to take the step towards the church. We are super excited to see what happens this week. I am so used to Osceola it is going to be weird to leave eventually, it is like my new home. 

We are also really excited to start meeting with a part member family that we met on Sunday they are a really sweet family the have a almost 2 year old little girl and a 9 month old baby boy. The wife is a member, but her husband is not a member yet. On Sunday we just got to know them better. 

I have been craving fruit snacks lately and Del Taco, but I really don't think you should box Del up and send it too me haha :)

By the end of this week I will have been out on my mission for 8 months!!!! Some days it feels like I have been gone forever and some days it feels like I was just home. Out on my mission I have really learned how to rely on my Savior.  He helps me through the rough times, and rejoices with me during the amazing times. I couldn't serve my mission without him by my side! I love this gospel so much, I know it is true.

I love all of you
Elder Roberts

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