Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 51 - Perrydise, week 2

Elder Johnson and I had another amazing week here in Perrydise!!! Some of the people we are teaching were out of town so it was a little slower, but we still had a fantastic week. 

Monday- We had P-day and then visited a woman we are teaching right now. When we went there you could tell she was distraught. She was speaking super fast Spanish and we could tell something happened. She proceeded to take us down to her basement where a layer of water sat up to our ankles. We looked at each other and had no clue what to do. It smelled HORRIBLE! The whole day it had been storming pretty good and we had received some flash flood and tornado warnings on our phone. But anyway her sub pump had busted and her whole basement was flooded, and what made it even better it that she would let her dog use the restroom down there!!!! We helped her shop vac her basement and help where we could but it was a pretty crazy situation.

Tuesday- We invited J, a young woman we are teaching, to be baptized on August 9th! And she said she is excited.

Wednesday- Nothing too special that I can remember.

Thursday- We had a church tour with J and showed her the baptismal font which made her even more eager to be baptized. The spirit was super powerful in the lesson. This was my One Year mark until I go home. 

Friday- The 4th of July, our cars were grounded at 6pm so we didn't see fireworks or anything. We just taught people during the afternoon.
Saturday- We taught Jes who is from LA , and so we talked about LA a little bit and then taught him about the Plan of Salvation.

Sunday- Church was great!! The testimonies given were very powerful and J was there for all three hours!

It was another super great week, and we are truly seeing miracles and being blessed!
Elder Roberts

Zone Training Meeting in Ames, IA:

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